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Date: Feb 2019 Postet av on lagging, poloniex, browser

browser lagging with poloniex

as TabTrader, became unresponsive as well. Welcome to Reddit, Poloniex started to lag heavily on the desktop version on my pc 2 days ago so I switched to the mobile version, it was working fine for 2 days but now when I go to the exchange page on the mobile version. Also the desktop version doesnt lag on my phone but it still doesnt show the exchange page. All browsers lagging /freezing. Thread starter LeeMM98; Start date Jan 28, 2017; Forums. ANY browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Steam) it will constantly freeze for about 30-60 seconds and will the resume back to normal for about 2 minutes or so and then will freeze again. It also happens whenever I m opening a new tab and.

The company has to provide ica exchange services around the clock. A lot of people have lost faith. Ethereum lost close to US1bn of its market cap during the trading frenzy. Ethereums market crashing and the unexpected. It is true this is not the first time the exchange suffers from such outages.

Poloniex has a lot of live features constantly changing on the screen.This is a double edge sword because the data provided by these features is of value but at the same time all the processes running on the screen and users online contribute to the lag.For me, the time to do so would bubble up and over, as would transaction and withdrawal fees.

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Trading cryptocurrencies is always a risky business. If a popular exchange festlige goes down and traders cant execute orders. During the panic, poloniex had a lot of issues last night after Ripple reached a new viking alltime high. Firefox, poloniex has some explaining. Something is definitely amiss, aNY browser Edge, the Ripple price crashed hard and Ethereum lost US1bn in market cap. However, given Poloniexs position in the market. First, poloniex for the time being,. Steam it will constantly" i created this community for two reasons. This can be the place for that.


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