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2002. Home, library, reports, general Reports, iraq WMD 2004, iIS Undeclared Research on Poisons and Toxins for Assassination. In a separate report, the same former IIS officer describes the chemicals as being CW components, but the source also describes the chemical components in non-scientific terms, such as impressive and beautiful, which indicates that he probably has little training in chemistry and may not. A burn pit was near the warehouse where IIS officers took some of the chemicals and poured them directly into the ground. The testing occurred at the M7 directorates Hakamia prison, where the victims were prisoners who were sentenced to death. The same source reported that Iraq dismantled its capability to mass produce CW agent in favor of retaining the ability to produce smaller, batch scales of agent at covert labs. The paper was prepared by M16 officer Adnan Abdul Razzaq in the early 1990s (see Figures 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 ). Little reporting exists on what chemicals, if any, the M16 directorate provided other IIS officers. A different report states that DGS officers gave milky liquids to political prisoners, who died 40 minutes after consuming them. Iraqs Chemical Warfare Program - Annex. A thesis on the production and physiological effects of ricin and Hyoscine was also found on site. The large needle on the device makes it appear before poorly suited for covert assassinations, and the former IIS scientist said that the devices original use was for animals. A former IIS scientist who worked at the Taji lab said that the lab was shut down and all the equipment removed when the US issued its ultimatum to Saddam Husayn to leave Iraq in 48 hours (see Figures 12, 13, and 14 ).

Who the source claimed was on the committee that destroyed the CW agent. Muhammad Abd alMunim alAzmerli, claimed that the building was used rabattkode as an IIS guest house. Which the IIS planned to distribute to the US and Europe. However, exploitation of the M16 headquarters building revealed that the directorate had large amounts of laboratory glassware and analytic equipment. The secret to making a dairy successful in one of the worldapos.

ISG lage judges that these smallscale endeavors were not part of a WMD program. The site appeared to be sanitized when a coalition team exploited. The produce would spoil quickly and dangerous bacteria would form. Almarai began as a small farm in 1970s with 300 cows.

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A high-level member of the Iraqi government with direct access claimed."The other side of sustainable, of course, is whether they get the price they want for the milk they produce, but I assume that they do he said.Reports state that the Rashdiyah lab was eventually closed in the mid-1990s and moved to the Djerf al-Naddaf facility.


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